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CreaGen Biosciences provides the local high school and college students an opportunity to learn directly from an active drug discovery chemistry organization a real world experience. It includes a hands-on experience by offering students the opportunity to perform 'chemistry experiments.'

About our last program:

Drug Discovery Research Training (DDRT) Program at CreaGen

When students are at the crossroads of making important career choices, especially in the scientific disciplines, it is important that they have a preliminary exposure to a laboratory science that might aid in their decision process. more...

The DDRT program at CreaGen provides hands-on training with the synthesis of medicinally important compounds and known pharmaceuticals to interested high school seniors and college students who would like to pursue their careers in drug discovery and biotechnology fields.

The DDRT is a one-week program wherein students are exposed to both the theory and synthetic methodologies of known pharmaceuticals. This is a center for excellence program that CreaGen offers to local students. The course is overseen by CreaGen Senior Investigators who have significant experience with pharmaceutical research and development.

DDRT students will learn to safely handle chemicals that are used in the synthesis of selected marketed drugs. Students will have the opportunity to use modern synthesis instruments, such as a TCAM (temperature controlled automated module), a microwave synthesizer and parallel evaporation equipment such as the Genevac (parallel evaporator) system. The students will learn to synthesize compounds and subsequently purify these compounds using chromatographic and crystallization procedures. Students will confirm the purity and authenticity of the synthesized compounds by using modern instrumentation such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and mass spectrometry. Basic information on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) instrumentation, which is used for structural identification and confirmation, will also be taught during the program. Students will thus have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation during this week-long program.

CreaGen management offers the DDRT course to give students the opportunity to experience a week of basic, hands-on laboratory work in a drug discovery company. Our hope is that this experience will better equip students to make career choices in the scientific disciplines that are open to them.

Pilot Program

We have successfully completed several DDRT week's since 2006. Our 2009 program will start in July 09


Dr. Norton P. Peet, Chair, Scientific advisory Board, CreaGen Biosciences, Inc. and International R&D Consultant
Dr. Hwa-Ok Kim, Director of Chemistry, CreaGen Biosciences, Inc.
Dr. Venugopal N. Rao, Senior Scientist, CreaGen Biosciences, Inc.
Dr. Paresh Salgaonkar, Sr. Scientist, CreaGen Biosciences, Inc.
Dr. Raj (SB) Rajur, Chairman & CEO, CreaGen Biosciences, Inc.

This faculty has a combined 75 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Contact Us

If your school is interested in this program, please contact us at the below address for application forms and dates that this course will again be offered.

Ms. Kimberly Vines
DDRT coordinator
CreaGen Biosciences Inc.
23 Rainin Road
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel 781-938-1122
Fax 781-938-1123


Students from United Way boys and girls club, Medford, MA visited CreaGen on April 1st, 2009. To view the photo gallery of the 2009 event, please

AP students from Chemistry department of Pingree School South Hamilton, MA were visited on May 9th 2008. To view the photo gallery of the 2008 event, please click here.

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