CreaGen Biosciences offers a broad array of organic and organometallic compounds. Stock items include nucleosides; rare amino acids; natural product semi-synthesis; heterocycles, such as indoles, azaindoles, chlorobenzimidazoles, and benzimidazolones; linkers and fluorescent dyes for oligonucleotide synthesis; combinatorial building blocks; alkylphosphines and other organophosphorus compounds; and other compounds for biopharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry development.

The following is a partial listing of our stock items. We have thousands of items in house. For more information on any of our products, or if there is something you need but do not see listed please contact us:

Fax, email or phone inquiries.

CreaGen Biosciences, Inc.
23 Rainin Rd.
Woburn, MA 01801

Raj Rajur, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO
Voice (781) 938-1122 ext. 112
Fax (781) 938-1123

We will acknowledge all inquiries within 24 hours. We ship worldwide, and accept VISA & MasterCard.
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