Optimized Molecular Entities™ (OMEs™)

Optimized molecular entities are target-relevant small molecules whose drug-like properties have been optimized for preclinical screening. These OMEs have been derived from cores from our BDC collections. We apply our in-depth knowledge to design and synthesize these molecules. We believe that OMEs have a greater likelihood of success to become development candidates. Currently, we have a 100-membered library that is available for immediate pilot screening. CreaGen continues to produce new libraries and make them available for partners screening.


• Rapid design and synthesis of OME libraries for Lead Discovery and Optimization
• Cycle times of 3-4 weeks from design to delivery
• All compounds purified by reverse phase HPLC
• All compounds quantified and characterized by LCMS (UV214, UV254) and NMR spectroscopy


• 10,000 OME library compounds annually
• Typical quantities of 5-10 mg
• Supplied in DMSO solution (96-well plates) or in powder form

Please contact our R & D Coordinator for more information.
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