Analytical Services

CreaGen provides a broad range of analytical support services to drug discovery companies. CreaGen’s state-of-the-art analytical laboratory houses a Varian 300 MHz multinuclear NMR instrument, and a Waters Micromass Quattro Ultima Mass Spectrometer coupled to a Shimadzu LC-10AD VP high pressure liquid chromatography system coupled with a Sedex 55 ELSD detector for performing LC/MS analyses.

Several Agilent and Waters stand-alone HPLC systems are also available for performing preparative scale purifications, separations and analyzing sample mixtures.

Additional services include identification of impurities, structural elucidation, HPLC method development, NMR interpretation and Certificate of Analyses for any compound that will be utilized in animal studies. We have a dedicated analytical chemistry staff that closely collaborates with organic chemists to solve the most difficult and complex analytical problems of our customers.

Please contact the analytical chemistry coordinator for prices and additional analytical chemistry services.

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