CreaGen Cost-Effective Medicinal Chemistry Research Services
CreaGen’s cost effective-medicinal chemistry program is an attractive program for virtual, start-up, biotechnology, all sizes of pharmaceutical companies as well as start-up companies. For virtual, start-up and biotechnology companies this program provides the opportunity to eliminate the early investment in medicinal chemistry infrastructure. For pharmaceutical companies, this program serves as an extension of their internal capabilities.
Through this business model CreaGen has successfully implemented medicinal chemistry programs with several biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the greater Boston area and beyond, and has delivered excellent results to all its partners.

The model involves
1) Face-to-face meeting with the CreaGen team to discuss the discovery needs of our partner.
2) Taking complete responsibility for the medicinal chemistry program.
3) Identification of an experienced Project Manager from CreaGen.
4) Immediate assignment of a highly qualified and experienced team of PhD scientists to launch and execute the program.
5) Fast turnover of projects with aggressive timelines.
6) Integrated teamwork to produce the customer target molecules.
7) Maintenance of excellent communication during the entire collaborative process.
8) Accurate and confidential record keeping.

Selected achievements through this program

• Taking AMPK target knowledge (no crystal structure), implementing four FTE medicinal chemistry programs and generating an orally bioavailable developmental candidate through scaffold morphing, lead generation and lead optimization iterations in nine months. Participated in due diligence by potential investors. IP was generated.
• Taking a 10 micromolar anti-infective lead compound to a sub-nanomolar advanced lead candidate in six months. IP was generated.
• Designing 100-membered optimized libraries and delivering two micromlar lead compounds.

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