Other Services

ADMET and Pharmacokinetic Studies:
Hits from screening campaigns will be confirmed through sensitive biological assays to determine whether the compound is effective in inhibiting or activating the molecular target under study. We also provide pharmacokinetic data, including metabolic and chemical stability, membrane permeability, solubility, inhibition of major metabolic enzymes and mutagenicity.

Natural product Scaffolds:
Synthesis of natural product scaffolds and small set of (20-40) optimized libraries containing natural product scaffolds.

Building Block Synthesis:
Design and synthesis of building blocks/scaffolds with multiple reactive sites from milligram to multi grams

Lead Design:
Design and synthesis of optimized small targeted libraries for lead generation. Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates: Design and synthesize optimized small molecule libraries around API’s.

File enrichment libraries:
Generation of libraries of compounds according to customers file enrichment needs.

Solid phase synthesis:
Screening library synthesis on solid support.

Process optimization:
Expedite the transfer of process from bench top to poilet plants using combinatorial technology.
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